Social Media Manager


I am a freelancer with 2 years of experience in Social Media Management and Promotions.
I can handle all your social media accounts including Instagram , Facebook and Twitter and manage them and Promote them according to your demand.

Services Offered Include:

-Google Ads Management and Promotions
-Product Promotion through Social Media
-Sales and Leads generation through social media
-Increase Followers , Likes and Views on your Social Media
-Promotion of your Social Media Accounts
-Setting up of all your Social Media Accounts

All Services such as SEO Research, Keyword Placement , Ads Pricing will also be done withing the package.

**I wont need your Accounts Passwords so your accounts are safe with you. I will manage them through ANYDESK,
ZOOM MEETING or ADMIN ACCESS and work in front of you and guide you through the whole process.**

Languages freelancer can speak