I’ll tutor math online via skype,zoom secondary to highschool


Online teaching with clear concepts. 

Topics Covered:

Pre-Algebra Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry, Calculus, Vectors, measurements, trigonometry, integration, differentiation, statistics, probability, SAT and many more.

Why prefer me?

Myself Usaid. A qualified Engineer with Mathematics as major subject teaching math, science, physics, test prep and online with students worldwide.

Have score cent-percent in my K-12 Mathematics.

I have worked with students struggling with the basics of math and brought them all the way up through higher levels. I specialize in K 9-12.

–   Responsive communication. Call me. Write me.

–   Patient thorough explanations.

–   Fluent in English (as well as native Urdu)

–   Using all forms of technology in class

–    Open, Flexible, funny, FUN!

Offer: First Intro Class, completely FREE for first-time students.


Languages freelancer can speak