I will setup and optimize your amazon ppc advertising campaign


Sponsored Ad Services That Promise You More Sales. More Revenue. More Authority.

Im Mason and i created Digital Dasher to take the confusion out of Amazon Sponsored Ads, and make selling what you love to the right people, simple and profitable. Heres a peek into my process thatll bring more interested customers to your business.

  • Audit – A complete audit of your Amazon listing, past or current campaigns to determine areas of weakness and improvement.
  • Keyword Research – Extensive targeted keyword research will be used to add highly relevant keywords to your campaign that customers actively searching for relative to your product.
  • Ad Creation – Create best suited targeted Campaigns and ad groups for your PPC goal.
  • Optimization – Bid Adjustments to keep ACOS at desired % & daily Filtering of negative keywords which are not aligned with your ACOS goal.

Please send me a message so we can discuss your Amazon business in detail.