I will make synthesia piano tutorial of your favourite songs


Welcome to my Gig

My name is Abdul Haseeb and I am a piano player, music transcriber. I am giving the best quality Piano Tutorial or Midi file or any Music Transcription at very cheap rates.

If you are looking for a piano tutorial which you have not found on YouTube, then this Gig is created for you. You just have to tell me or give me your favorite song and I will turn it into a beautifully arranged Piano Tutorial.

You can get from this gig:

  1. Full song into Synthesia Video Tutorial.
  2. Piano MIDI File of your favourite song.
  3. Video Tutorial of a background Piano Playing part for an unplugged cover of any song.
  4. Piano Tutorial according to your Skill Level.
  5. Sheet Music of any song.
  6. Synthesia Tutorial of your sheet music or MIDI file.
  7. A short or complex piece of any song in MIDI or Synthesia Video format (various instruments).
  8. Piano Exercises for learning piano.
  9. Chords of any song in MIDI or Synthesia Tutorial Format.

Project Requirements

  1. Give me Song in MP3 form or Song’s URL
  2. Select Skill Level (Beginner, Intermediate, Pro)

Synthesia Video Tutorial Styles

  1. Piano Keys Name + Falling Notes Name
  2. Piano Keys Name
  3. Falling Notes Name
  4. Only Octaves


Thank You!