I will create a tattoo design of tattoo sleeve


ello! Glad to see you at my gig.

I offer you professional work and get the perfect tattoo sleeve from me. And your idea becomes a reality. ️

Tattoo style doesn’t matter!

It can be cover-ups

or touch-ups (please, send me photos and we will discuss this option)

I make photoshop projects

and hand-drawn pictures. It depends on your tattoo idea.

If I will have any ideas for your project, you will know it and we will try that.

The most important thing is revision. There is one rule don’t hesitate to ask something. It helps me to create a project as it should be. Usually, it works like this: you tell me what would you want to fix and I do it, after that, I send you a corrected picture.

Therefore we will get the perfect tattoo design for you.

You need to write me to discuss the tattoo idea before making an order.


  • Maybe I have no idea about your project
  • I don’t have time for your project right now and you don’t want to waiting for
  • You want to get a project which I am not interested to do
  • You will not like my idea and or the way of working
  • The price for the project is very individual