I can do Product Listing on online websites & B2B Plate Forms with Hot keywords


I am experienced of 5 years. I have been able to work with different people in different field of businesses that required me to complete different tasks and helped me discover this platform. This allowed me to learn in a wide range of skills. But, in these set of skills, I would say that I have found a passion in administrative tasks (e.g. large scale of product listings on Alibaba,Amazon, eBay, Aliexpress, Daraz etc.)
1. All B2B Portals Product Listings.
2. Used Different Hot Searching Key Words Related to Products.
3. Come Products on Top Searching Page.
4. Work on Products Quality Ratings.
5. Analyzed Data on All B2B Portals.
6. Concise Products title Name.
7. Detailed Descriptions with fully Information.
8. Creativity in All Postings.

Languages freelancer can speak